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Thank You For All of the Years…

In Your Corner, February 22, 2017 All the staff at Hale `Opio Kaua’i and the youth who have been inspired by Annaleah Atkinson’s column In Your Corner would like to thank her for her many years of heartfelt kindness, spiritual scholarship and dedication to the organization. She has been a devoted and generous member of […]

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School Buy-in Stops Bullying

In Your Corner Article By: Annaleah Atkinson Kudos to Department of Education Complex-Area Superintendent Bill Arakaki and the Kaua’i Principals who are actively stopping bullying in the schools. (TGI 2-7-17). It’s a huge job, because evidence shows that it involves creating a school environment where bullying is just not tolerated. Nearly everyone has to be […]

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A Bright Future: A Life After Foster Care

Like the mature kalo dispersing rain water to nurture its keiki, Patricia Duh returns to her roots in the foster care system to share wisdom. Four foster homes and one homeless shelter later, this 20 year-old Hawai`i native sighs with joy. Having spent over a decade transitioning from one place to another, she now calls […]

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Hale `Opio turns 40!

Hale `Opio is celebrating many things this year. We turned 40 years old, adopted a new organization logo and launched this brand new website you are currently viewing. We hope you will be able to utilize us as a resource for your various needs and inquiries. Not only have we displayed an explanation of our […]

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