Code of Ethics

Every employee of Hale ‘Ōpio Kaua‘i, Inc. shall act in a manner to be a credit to their profession, for the good of the clients and the organization. No employee will presume to speak for or on the behalf of Hale ‘Ōpio Kaua‘i, Inc. without the express prior approval of the Executive Director. When so designated, or when acting or speaking as an individual, the employee should at all times be accurate, exercise proper restraint, show respect for the opinion of others, and comply with the policy of the organization.

1. Employees will act in accordance with the highest standards of professional integrity and impartiality and are responsible for setting clear, appropriate and culturally sensitive boundaries for and with their clients. The organization will not condone personal relationships (including romantic relationships) with clients or former clients or their immediate families.

2. Employees will not exploit relationships with clients for personal advantage nor will they practice, condone, facilitate or collaborate with any form of discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, including gender identity or expression, credit history, genetic information, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, veteran/military status, marital status, arrest and court record or status as a domestic or sexual violence victim if notice is given to us or we have actual knowledge of such status; or other classifications protected by law.

3. All employees are expected to make requests and promises with integrity, be considerate of co-workers, and be committed to the organization’s mission.

All contracted licensed therapists at Hale ‘Ōpio Kaua‘i, are to abide by their individual licensee organizations’ code of ethics.