Kaua‘i Teen Court

Kaua‘i Teen Court is a collaborative effort between Hale ‘Ōpio Kaua‘i, Police, Prosecutor, and Office of the Mayor, Fifth Judicial Circuit Court, and other public and private agencies. Built on the Restorative Justice principles of repairing the harm, Kaua‘i Teen Court (KTC) is a diversion program for first-time misdemeanor or status-offending youth between the ages of 10 and 18. Juveniles who have admitted wrong-doing and are prepared to be sanctioned by their peers are given a hearing. Judges are selected from a volunteer pool of per diem judges and attorneys.

“Teen Court helped me to make better choices and take responsibility for my actions.”

Trained teen volunteers serve as court officers. All youth participating in KTC serve on at least three juries and are trained in decision making and group facilitation. They participate in service learning about the legal system while practicing leadership skills.

“Thank you all for the good work you do in giving our kids a second chance.”

For youth with multiple offenses, the Youth Level of Service Case Management Inventory is used to assess the risk of re-offending and identify areas of need addressed in a family-driven plan of service case managed to prevent further contact with the juvenile justice system.