Emergency Shelter Services

Emergency Shelter Services and Therapeutic Crisis Homes are provided in individual “host” homes for boys and girls, ages birth to 18 years, in need of sanctuary, counseling, and crisis stabilization. Services and referrals are provided to return the young person home as soon as possible. The normal activities of the youth, including school or work, continue while they are in placement.

Emergency Shelter Services are provided by contract with the Department of Human Services (ages 0 – 18), the Office of Youth Services (ages 10 – 18), and the Judiciary (ages 11- 18). These state agencies refer children and youth whose safety or security is necessary for their well being. Often the shelter services are planned, but may be in response to an immediate crisis such as child abuse or a law violation, including family violence. Length of stay is determined by the state agency.

If the situation involves the imminent threat of suicide, homicide, or psychiatric crisis, and a determination is made by the State’s Crisis Mobile Outreach Services that the youth (ages 9 – 18) would benefit from a short stay (3 – 7 days) in a Therapeutic Crisis Home, the youth is transferred to Hale ‘Ōpio, authorized by the Kauai Family Guidance Center of the Department of Health. Hale ‘Ōpio provides crisis stabilization counseling and supportive supervision.

If Your Child Is In Crisis

Call the Access Line at 1-800-753-6879 for Crisis Mobile Outreach Services or call 911.

Emergency Shelter Phone Number: 808-635-0210