Transitional Family Homes

The Transitional Family Home Program is an intensive system of supportive and clinical services offered in a family based treatment model.

This program receives referrals for youth, ages 7-22, through the Family Guidance Centers of the Child and Adolescent Division of the Department of Health. Like the Therapeutic Family Homes, Professional Parents high level of commitment is supported by extensive training, supervision, and 24/7 clinical consultation by masters prepared staff.

Licensed therapists offer weekly treatment with youth and their family, who are included as part of the treatment team guiding services.

An alternative to both the traditional foster family home and congregate care for youth who are not adequately served in either program type. A unique feature of family based treatment is its emphasis on the Professional Parent as an “agent of treatment” rather than as a caregiver or warden only.

Respite care for youth who are living in their own homes and who may benefit from forty-eight hours of regularly scheduled time in another setting is also provided in the transitional family home program. Arrangements are made for family respite by the Family Guidance Center Care Coordinator.

Meet Our Professional Parents

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